Monday, 5 March 2012

WIPocalypse check in

Hello all,

and again, I do not have anything done for the WIPocalypse for this month. (and I'm late posting.  sigh.)  I've actually not been able to do any crafting at all this month, as I'm having a bad flare of what is suspected rheumatoid arthritis, so I've had very painful hands and one really sore and clicky wrist.  I'm really disappointed as I'd so many big plans at the start of the year of what I wanted to make, and bought in some of the materials and then got hit with this  :S  Oh well, I best keep taking my tablets and hopefully they'll be able to do something (at least diagnose properly!) when I have an appointment soon.

Do any of you lovely readers have arthritis of any type, or anything else that affects your crafty work?  I'm in a bit of a slump right now thinking about it all, and not being able to do much, so some reassurance from others that we can manage would be great  :D

Thanks for reading  xx

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