Monday, 5 March 2012

WIPocalypse check in

Hello all,

and again, I do not have anything done for the WIPocalypse for this month. (and I'm late posting.  sigh.)  I've actually not been able to do any crafting at all this month, as I'm having a bad flare of what is suspected rheumatoid arthritis, so I've had very painful hands and one really sore and clicky wrist.  I'm really disappointed as I'd so many big plans at the start of the year of what I wanted to make, and bought in some of the materials and then got hit with this  :S  Oh well, I best keep taking my tablets and hopefully they'll be able to do something (at least diagnose properly!) when I have an appointment soon.

Do any of you lovely readers have arthritis of any type, or anything else that affects your crafty work?  I'm in a bit of a slump right now thinking about it all, and not being able to do much, so some reassurance from others that we can manage would be great  :D

Thanks for reading  xx

Friday, 3 February 2012

February already?

Okay, the 3rd february already?  Where did that time go?!?  I guess this means I've failed at the first hurdle for the WIPocalypse  :(  I've been meaning to get a photo of the (little) bit of work I've done this month, but have been having camera issues so didn't get a chance.  Oh well, I'll try again for february, and will post a photo ASAP.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some more stitching done this month: I haven't done much in january due to a sore wrist and hands, but they seem to have settled down a bit.  I did get my crochet baby blanket finished, so will take a photo of that as well and will post up as soon as I can.  Please bear with me, and hopefully normal service will resume soon!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

another addition to the WIP list

I told you I'd soon have more to add to my WIP list for the WIPocalypse!  I decided last night that I would like to make some valentines cards for my daughters friends, so I'll need about 10 little cards  :)  I'm thinking small cross stitch hearts with their names added... time to go look for patterns!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WIPocalypse 2012

So, here I go - I decided that I needed something to help to keep me on track with my crafting this year, and this is it: Measi's WIPocalypse 2012!

Typically enough, my current WIP is crochet rather than sewing (though I'll be back to that hopefully this weekend once I dig out the kit!) so I'll upload a photo ASAP of the current crochet project to start with.

This year I've got plans for:
2 baby blankets and one large blanket (crochet) (1 WIP)
To finish Cinnamon Cat's 'Home Sweet Home'
To make a special afghan for a family member  :)

I'm more than sure I'll be adding to this list as I go along!

A new year and a new blog...

Hello to anyone who is reading this  J

My name is Jillian and I’ve been crafting for many years now (I’d say about 20ish, but don’t hold me to that number!)  What I make varies depending on need or whims, but most items fall into my three favourite areas: cross stitch, crochet and cardmaking.  Most of the items that I have made have been given as gifts (either for me to give to people, or as requests from others to give as presents).

Most of my cross stitch projects tend to the smaller sizes, but I have done a few larger pieces, and I would like 2012 to be the year I try something bigger again.  My crochet projects have mostly been blankets – especially baby blankets for gifts – which I love making.  I make cards for fun, and most are given to family and friends.  I would ideally love to sell some of the items which I have made, or make to order, but would have to look further into how to make this happen: maybe 2012 should be the year for this as well!

The purpose of this blog (for now) is to journal and show others the progress of my projects for this year, as I would love a place to talk about my crafts with other like-minded people.  Thank you for joining me – please leave me a message as I’d love to hear from you  J